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After the first 3% increase in 2015 following
a 20 year decline, statistics for the year to
June 2016 showed an 8% increase in
police-recorded theft of vehicles.
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video to find out why
After a 20 years decline,
theft of motor vehicles
is on the increase
Thieves are accessing the
information needed to steal
a vehicle through the
On-Board Diagnostic
(OBD) port
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Thieves are now using modern electronic technology to bypass manufacturers security systems and steal vehicles.

After almost a 20 year decline in high value vehicle theft, in June 2015 official government statistics showed a 3% increase in police-recorded thefts of vehicles in England and Wales. Sadly, for the year to June 2016 the report showed an even greater increase of 8%. However, this is not just limited to the UK; in France as an example it was recently estimated that 74% of vehicles are now stolen electronicallyThis form of crime is often referred to as ‘keyless theft’ or ‘electronic compromise’; whereby thieves do not need the keys to steal the vehicle. Most vehicles are taken without the keys being stolen by using equipment which plugs into the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port. This intelligent equipment ‘hacks’ the system and is able to bypass the vehicles integrated security protocols in order to program a new key.

Today there are two common types of vehicle theft:

Delayed theft of the vehicle

A recent survey suggested 4 out of 10 people don't think twice about handing over their car keys to a stranger at a car wash, valet or airport parking, a hotel or restaurant and on many other occasions. Organised criminal gangs have exploited this and are placing people into these job roles to get access to your vehicle. It can take them less than 10 seconds to program a key using their own equipment.

Personal details such as your address are copied from paperwork and often if this information is not available, tracking devices can be placed in the vehicle or you might be followed until they get the information they need. Once they have a key and a location, it takes just seconds to steal the vehicle at a time of their choosing. There is also little suspicion with type of theft as it is just someone walking up to a vehicle, with a key, getting in and driving away.

Immediate theft of the vehicle

This type of theft is slightly higher risk for the thief, but made easy with the equipment they use. Most of this equipment is pre-programmed so that when it plugs into a vehicle, the alarm is turned off during the 'hacking' process. It is then used to program a new key or trick the vehicle into thinking the key is already present. In many instances this complete process, including gaining entry can take less than 20 seconds before the thief can drive the vehicle away.

The equipment to carry out this type of theft is not illegal to buy, own or sell and widely available across the internet. Many of the websites selling this will include tutorials and videos showing the effectiveness of their systems. A recent internet search on a well-known trading site showed a worrying 13,000 suppliers of equipment that could be used to steal a vehicle.

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