Don’t Get Vehicle Cameras – Get CameraMatics

CameraMatics Turns Your Fleet Into A Smart Fleet!

Delivering fleet intelligence and risk management systems, CameraMatics includes fleet telematics, fleet CCTV, driver safety and compliance solutions. CameraMatics provides instant access to your fleet data and status anytime, anywhere, on any device.

All of this means that not only do get a system that protects you - you get a system that can be used in your driver training program and compliance checks to help you make savings in cost efficiencies such as maintenance and fuel.

The Light Commercial Vehicle Solution

The ProVision Edge includes a discrete, secure and tamper-proof DVR which supports up to 5 cameras in any configuration of your choice, including front and rear cameras, side cameras and in-vehicle cameras. A bespoke system tailored to your needs. The system comes with 128GB total storage in dual 64GB SD cards configuration for extra storage and redundancy. This provides between 3 to 5 days of standard driving recording history.


Heavy-Truck, Bus & Coach Solution

The ProVision Drive can also be fitted in any configuration of your choice, including front and rear cameras, side cameras, blind-spot cameras as well as in-cab and in-trailer cameras to protect the driver and monitor goods. Coming with a 1TB Hard Drive (with optional upgrade to 2TB) the ProVision DRIVE system can store up to 6 months of recorded video and tracking data.


The Benefits Of Pro-Vision Hardware

Connected Technology

'Connected' is where it's at! Our connected systems include 3G/4G and GPS technology that allow you to track and review journey data and video remotely, no matter where your vehicle is in the world. No more having to wait until vehicles return to base. Get what you need anytime, anywhere.

Totally Flexible

Every business is different, so you can decide on the exact configuration and implementation required to suit your business and budgetary needs, chose from the storage medium type and size, to the number, type and placement of the cameras.


A vehicle camera solution with built in remote connectivity, it simply needs to be switched on if needed. So, if you do not need or want remote access to vehicle journey information or video now, when you do, enabling it is as simple as a phone call to be upgraded with multiple cameras at any time.

HD Recording

When you need the video, nothing short of perfect video will do so this system is HD quality as standard. Your choice is whether you choose Full 1080P Digital Quality cameras or AHD cameras.

Up to 90 Days Historical Video Storage*

Sometimes, you may need a video clip from a few days or even weeks ago. With ProVision, we've got you covered. Up to 90 days recording can be yours with a 2-camera installation or 30 days with a full 8-camera install. * Requires 2TB Storage and based on 8-hours recording per day.

Total Peace Of Mind

How about a 2-Year warranty, a professional installation, excellent service and a totally cost-effective maintenance and system management service?

The Benefits Of ProVision Cloud

Real-Time Tracking Of Your Fleet

Track all your vehicles in real-time anywhere in Europe and snap to a vehicle's location with one click.

Rules-Based Alerts

Choose what incidents you want to be alerted about. From G-Force, Speed, Alarm, Geo-Fence, Out-Of-Hours or Panic Button. Choose one or all and the Command Centre will inform you every time an 'incident' is triggered.

Live Streaming Of Video

With a few clicks of your mouse, you can watch a live simultaneous stream of all mounted cameras from any vehicle or vehicles in your fleet.

Remote Download of Video

If the worst happens and an accident occurs, or an alert is triggered, you can simply log into the Command Centre to view and download a video clip from all available angles. Combined with the Rules-Based Alerts, you can download a video mere seconds after an incident or alert occurs!

Historical Fleet Data

Want to see where a vehicle was 2 weeks ago? Want to then view a video of what the vehicle was doing on that journey? No problem, you can view up to 90 days of historical vehicle activity.

Simple Status View Of Your Fleet

Review the current status of your fleet at a glance. See details like in transit, offline, parked, idling, alarm, and GPS status. Data such as speed, driving events and mpg are also displayed at the bottom.

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